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Sports Performance

Our performance group is dedicated to enhancing athletic performance, explosiveness, strength, speed, and power. We utilize a science-based approach to training, ensuring that each session is coaching-intensive and focuses on proper biomechanics and sport-specific transfer. 


Functional Strength & Fitness

Our functional training programs prioritize movement quality to enhance strength, conditioning, and mobility for our members. Our goal is to create an engaging and productive atmosphere where members can thrive and excel on their fitness journey.


Private Training

Our private training program begins with a comprehensive mobility assessment and movement screen. This approach allows us to address the specific needs of each client and develop a personalized plan to help them achieve their goals. Check out our pain management section for testimonials!

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"I have been going to Clockwork for a few months now and have never had such top level strength and conditioning training. Chris is very knowledgable and very hands on, it is a great environment and great training for anyone. I’ve had a great recovery from a torn MCL and LCL surgery, doctors stated I was months ahead and it is all due to the training at Clockwork. I have never felt stronger and in better shape. If you are looking for a place to get top training in a fun, cool environment, Clockwork’s where it’s at!"

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