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Athlete Testimonials


I started training here after years of trying to train BJJ while consistently injured and reinjuring myself. As someone who personally hates working out, I was always finding excuses to not train off the mats. Like probably most people (including people who think they do because they played high school sports once), I also know nothing about safe and effective weight training. Fast forward three months, I am consistently training BJJ again, and probably the strongest I have been in my adult life. Chris’ obsession with sports science and insane attention to detail for all of his athletes' personalized plans really shows. I can’t say enough good things about this gym, and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about improving their fitness levels, regardless of their background.

Michael Zamzam

BJJ Blackbelt

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Clockwork has made a huge impact on my athletic career. Before working with Clockwork, I had chronic lower back pain that would hinder my athletic abilities and performance. I would wake up with a constant pain. Chris pinpointed the problem areas and through a proper plan and correctives, I am now pain-free. I am able to work my full-time job and train remotely as well as work in-house with Chris on my specific programming in and out of fight camp.

Macy Breaux

MMA/ Boxing/ Law Enforcement Officer

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 I started working out with Chris at the beginning of the year. When I began working with him I had pretty bad lower back pains from wrestling my whole life that would affect everyday life. After a few sessions, he identified the problem and shortly after that my back pains/problems seemed to vanish. This allowed us to focus on becoming a not only better athlete but also a healthier athlete. I’ve become faster, stronger, more mobile, and much healthier. I love working with this mad scientist!

Kendon Kayser

3x College All American Wrestler/ MMA 

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I have been going to Clockwork for over 2 years now and it has been the best decision I could have ever made. Chris has transformed my strength and power as an athlete that competes in boxing. He ensures that you are on track, progressing, and doing the movements and exercises correctly. The clockwork environment is motivating and driven, from the athletes to the enthusiasts. Chris has not only become one of my coaches but a mentor and friend. Clockwork Performance gives meaning and purpose to every movement executed.

Sara Merlos




I started working with Chris at Clockwork Performance around 8 months ago. The results have been pretty outstanding. I walked in with a slipping rib and needed improvement in my strength and performance for MMA. Chris helped me completely overcome my slipping rib and also started a crucial strength and performance program. Not only has my rib stopped slipping completely, but the result in my strength and performance for MMA has gained dramatically. As a Professional athlete in the New Orleans area, I couldn’t recommend a better institution than Clockwork Performance.

Ben Blouin 


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 As an athlete, we are always looking to improve in all aspects of our sport. As a kickboxer and mixed martial artist coming to Clockwork Performance was the best decision I’ve made. Chris's sports-specific and detailed approach to improving functional and sport-specific mobility, strength, and endurance is some of the best in the world. I’ve had tremendous results with Clockwork Performance, from the improved physical composition of my body to decreased pain and extended range of motion from previous injuries. I highly recommend Clockwork Performance to anyone who wants to improve their daily life and to high-level athletes looking for that next edge in performance.  

David Garcia

Boxer/ Kickboxer/ MMA


As a practicing martial artist and passionate lifter, I always do my best to find a gym that has the right equipment to achieve quality lifts. I started training with Clockwork Performance ever since I moved to New Orleans earlier this year. I have not even considered switching gyms not just because of the gym, but more importantly because of the quality of the people that work and train there. During that time I prepared for an athletic event, recovered from 2 separate injuries, and saw a huge improvement in my performance.

Chris and his team have all proven that they are effective and passionate about achieving all of the above whether it was with me or any of the people that go to the gym.

Omar Mozahem

BJJ Black Belt

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I have known Chris for years and he has helped me develop from an amateur-level athlete to a professional athlete. I feel that everything he programs for me is necessary to maintain my strength and explosiveness through a fight camp with little to no injuries. The correctives take care of my joints, and if I am ever dealing with an injury, Chris knows exactly how to work through it and help rehabilitate me so I’m back 100% going into my skills training. If you are an aspiring professional-level athlete in the New Orleans area and AREN’T going to Clockwork Performance, you are hindering your own personal growth.

Jacob Small 

Professional MMA Fighter/ Law Enforcement Officer


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