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"Since I started training at Clockwork Performance under Chris's guidance, I have not only made gains in strength, but also in stamina and flexibility. Additionally, as an older grappler, the increased level of fitness and conditioning that I've gained working with Chris has led to shortened recovery time and fewer injuries." 

"Clockwork Performance: bring a good attitude, take it one session at a time, have faith in Chris and his programming, and be amazed with the results." 

"I started working out with Chris a few months ago. I've had a lot of strength and conditioning coaches in my life having played sports in high school and college. Chris is the first coach to give me this deep of an evaluation, tailer-make a program that fit my specific needs, and coached me through every single detail. There's lots of people out there that can make you tired. Anyone that makes reasonable changes to their diet and exercises is going to improve their fitness. Chris improved my overall performance. At 37 years old, I am as mobile if not more mobile than ever. My pain after jiu jitsu is now negligible. 10/10 would recommend." 

"I came to Chris as a passion athlete on the heels of PT, with more than a few old injuries. He took the time to do a full assessment, monitoring my weaknesses so he could target them to build strength back. He carefully tailored my sessions in long blocks, each with a specific goal. He is patient in teaching and observing techniques for lifting and movement in every session. Not only is Chris dedicated to each of his athletes in this way, but he is incredibly knowledgeable on the exercises, movements, and the studies that support why he uses them. A fair warning to those that dare ask questions, you may be in for a lecture, as Chris is clearly very passionate about his work.

My initial goal was to build and maintain strength for injury prevention, as well as increase my overall performance so I could continue training in the sports that I love. After a year at Clockwork, not only have we accomplished this, but now I have new form of training that I absolutely love and cannot go without."

"Chris is a great coach with the right balance of skill and toughness. In just a few weeks of training with him, I've noticed a big difference in my strength and endurance in jiu jitsu. His workouts are custom to my goals and are easy to follow. He also gives me the push I need to get the results I want. I highly recommend Clockwork Performance!"

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