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  • What kind of workouts will I be doing at Clockwork? -- The programming at Clockwork includes strength training, mobility, corrective exercises, plyometrics, and conditioning.

  • What's the programming like? -- Programming takes into account the law of accommodation, so periodization and programming changes based on the level of athlete or individual.

  • Are there classes? -- We have functional fitness classes focusing on basic but challenging movements in a linear progression.

  • Am I too old/young to join this gym? -- Age is not an issue! We have clients from age 11 to 70.

  • Do I have to be a competitive athlete to keep up? -- It is not necessary to be a competitive athlete. Each individual can be built from the ground up and all personal goals can be achieved!

  • What if I have an injury? -- Injuries are taken into account, as well as assessing joint mobility prior to programming.

  • What if I'm out of shape? Will these workouts kill me? -- Workouts are designed to challenge an Individual, but not to break them down completely.

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